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To translate our concern into a ground-level practical approach, we face four main issues: protection from retaliation, disclosure channels, investigation of disclosures, and negative cultural attitudes toward whistleblowers.

In order to engage and change this reality, we will adopt a holistic and thorough approach encompassing the following working areas.

The conceptual, political and legal framework

The proposals regarding a specific norm protecting whistleblowers must come together with proposals on non-specific norms that affect the issue as well in the European Union and its members.

Practical tools, policies and practices

Whistleblowers should be provided with the adequate tools and guarantees to regulate their actions and ensure their security; however, this also implies their responsibility to perform their actions in a clear and comprehensive set of rights and obligations.

Social and cultural context

We campaign for whistleblowers who have exposed corruption and public health dangers, and who have unjustly suffered retaliation because of their bravery; we also work closely with policy-makers and elected officials, urging them to enact strong legal rights and protections for whistleblowers.

Activism and advocacy

Whistleblowers face the resistance stemming from traditional group cultures and a hierarchical understanding of social organizations where obedience is valued more than accountability.