Breakthrough in the protection of whistleblowers in Spain

Last Tuesday 21st of February, during the plenary session in Congress, the political party Ciudadanos has presented the proposal of an Anti-Corruption and Protection of Whistleblowers Law. Nobody in the Chamber has questioned the urge to fight corruption in Spain, however the parliamentary groups still do not agree with the still incomplete content of the law.

This important breakthrough comes after the important actions of Spanish whistleblowers that have become activists, such as Ana Garrido, Luis Gonzalo Segura or Azahara Peralta. The protection of whistleblowers and the suppression of pardons for political corruption are the pillars that underpin this initiative, which also includes other important bulletpoints such as the investigation of public officers for illicit enrichment and the elimination of the maximum term of six months to investigate legal proceedings.

Ciudadanos has presented this initiative alone, despite last February the 2nd the Congress approved the creation of a Subcommission on Corruption. It is the first time in Spain that a comprehensive law in the fight against corruption is presented in Congress. All parliamentary groups except the PNV have been in favor of taking this proposal into consideration, which has been admitted to proceed and has the objective, according to the head of Ciudadanos, to "defend the heroes and not the villains". They have shown a clear political will to listen to the needs and suggestions from the civil society in general, and from whistleblowers in particular.   

A Change of Direction welcomes this recent initiative, and is hoping for all the political parties to take the necessary actions in response. The proposal of the Law can be found here: