Event in defence of Whistleblower Luís Gonzalo Segura

After realising that the Spanish justice would not aid the Spanish whistleblower Luís Gonzalo Segura, a former liutenant of the Spanish army who denounced corruption practices inside the institution, the legal team that would accompany him before the European Court of Human Rights was presented.

Hosted by Plataforma x la Honestidad and his Director, Pedro Arancón, Luís Gonzalo Segura and two other Spanish whistleblowers, Azahara Peralta and Ana Garrido, denounced the retaliation and prosecution practices that any Spaniard willing to speak up suffers. A clear message was sent to the political parties to strenghten legislation to protect whistleblowers in Spain and to civil society about the need to raise awareness on the importance of protecting them.

On their point of view, the common trend in all whistleblowing cases in Spain is retaliation, loss of jobs and the prosepctive on lenghty, expensive legal procedures. The need for the fight against corruption to be structured as systematically as the political system that fosters corruption in the first place was pointed out. Those who take advantage of corruption use punishment to whistleblowers to teach society what they are not to do.

Veronica Luque, member of Lt. Segura’s legal team, highlighted that a serious and democratic government can´t allow the citizens who act based on their constitutional right to give their opinion and the duty to report a crime to be criminalized by justice.

Representatives of PODEMOS, Ciudadanos and UPyD confirmed their political commitment to push for a law on protecting whitleblowers. The event was attended by representatives of other political parties as ERC, PDC and En Comú / Podem.