New efforts in Greece

Since the global financial crisis struck in 2007, Greece’s structural problems in combating corruption and prosecuting guilty parties have been widely reported. These shortcomings are fueling new efforts to achieve political accountability in a country still struggling to recover economically amid persistent citizen unease.

Included within this ambitious agenda are hopes to develop the country’s first comprehensive whistleblower protection law. Some provisions were passed in 2013, and other protections are offered in Greek law in a fragmented fashion. However the country does not have a comprehensive, stand alone law.

Blueprint for Free Speech, a Change of Direction partner, is supporting efforts to develop new policies and tools to assist Greek officials in their anti-corruption efforts. The importance of whistleblower protection was a key topic at Greece’s first-ever multi-stakeholder public integrity forum, hosted by the OECD in Athens in July 2017.

As a follow-up, the OECD organized a series of roundtables with activists and experts in October to formally begin the process of developing new policies to promote and protect whistleblowing.