New report published in European Parliament

A new momentum to the debate on whistleblower protection on the European level: On February 14, 2017 the European Parliament adopted a new report on the role of whistleblowers in the protection of the EU’s financial interests. The report, which was presented by MEP Dennis De Jong of the United European Left, sends out a strong signal to the European Commission to finally move forward and adopt a comprehensive Directive on the protection of whistleblowers in the EU.

The report comes in response to the actions of numerous whistleblowers in the financial sector, who in the past have contributed to the recovery of millions of Euros in assets. A lack of legal protection, however, does not acknowledge whistleblowers’ important role in securing not only the EU’s financial, but also democratic interests.

In addition, the examples of personal consequences suffered by whistleblowers who cannot rely on strong protection measures discourage others from coming forward. This is why numerous groups in the European Parliament, among them the European Greens as well as the United European Left have been calling for stronger whistleblowing protection measures for years.

«It is cleary common European interest to have an overall protection for whistleblowers … I believe that it is not only a moral obligation to act for the EU in a context where trust in the institutions is low and the perception of corruption is high, but it is also indispensable to assure that EU law is properly implemented in wide areas from the protection of the financial interests of the European Union to the environmental», said Green MEP Benedek Javor, who has been among the most active advocates for whistleblower protection in the European Parliament. 

A Change of Direction welcomes the recent initiative, and is hoping for the Commission to take the necessary action in response.