Victory for Antoine Deltour

The case of LuxLeaks whistleblower Antoine Deltour has taken a new turn: On January 11, the Luxembourg Court of Cassation handed down its verdict overruling a decision taken in March 2017, which had sentenced Antoine Deltour to a 6-months suspended jail time as well as a fine of 1,500 €.

In its verdict, the Court of Cassation rules Antoine Deltour to be recognized as a whistleblower in accordance with European case-law with full regards to all facts considered. The Court of Appeal had only recognized him partly as a whistleblower within the meaning established by the European Court of Human Rights. With this decision, the case is being referred back to the Court of Appeals.

In a setback, the appeal in cassation made by Raphael Halet, who had been accused jointly with Antoine Deltour, however, was rejected, thus not fully recognizing him as a whistleblower. Following the verdict, Deltour expressed feeling “entirely in solidarity with Raphael Halet”.

Despite being a small step, this verdict is a crucial turning point for Deltour’s case, leaving another mark in the continuous defense of European whistleblower.