Xnet and Barcelona Municipality launch whistleblower platform

In a poineer project, the activist project XNet, in cooperation with Barcelona City Hall, launched the first public Anti-Corruption Complaint Box on January 19.

The new mailbox makes Barcelona City Hall the first municipal government offering its citizens a secure way to report complaints, suspicions and evidences, allowing them to report anonymously by making use of Tor technology and GlobalLeaks. The structure of the box puts Xnet in the position of a genuine watchdog and ensures teamwork between regional government and civil society in line with democratic principles.

The launch of the website comes as a response to endemic corruption in Spain. Since the unfolding of the “Caso Gürtel”, initiated by the disclosure of whistleblower Ana Garrido, Xnet as well as an increasing number of civil society organizations have been demanding stronger mechanisms protecting whistleblowers and putting an end to corruption in Spain.

Detailed background information as well as a how-to-use guide for the box can be found here: https://xnet-x.net/en/whistleblowing-platform-barcelona-city-council/