A busy underground station


FIBGAR is part of the Restarting the Future network, working closely with other organizations in the fight against corruption in the European Union.

GREQAM is a research unit in economics that is jointly managed by many research institutions including Aix-Marseille University. It holds several EC-funded and national research projects, on issues of applied and theoretical economics, among which social justice ones.

The Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Pavia is a multidisciplinary department which holds several EC-funded and national research projects, on issues including justice and human rights.


Aerial view of a town


Blueprint for Free Speech is the only international NGO that leads and supports the strengthening of whistleblower rights worldwide.

Latte Creative is a communication and campaigning agency working in the field of social innovation and in partnership with nonprofit organizations.

LIBERA Associations, Names and Numbers Against Mafias is an Italian network of more than 1,600 associations, groups and schools, committed to promote a culture of lawfulness.